Toilets around the world pt58- My toilet, somewhere in London

I am resting my bottom on my very own throne. The frosted glass windows let the sunlight in but prevent my chronically nosey neighbours from peering in when I am dropping the kids at the pool. The bathroom is well lit with LED lights that enable me to read the catalogue. However, as this toilet has a good WiFi signal, I am surfing the internet.

After a pleasant movement, I wipe my marginally skinnier bottom (thank you, how about a freebie pair of Asics) on Tescos Luxury Soft white toilet paper, a mid range toilet paper that fits in well with this mid range part of London.

I then wash my hands with moisturised soap in a square sink, using a square combination tap. To dry my hands I use a towel from the square towel rail with round valves and exit the room; to return to my day.

A pleasant experience, well worth the 6k to get to this moment.

As reviewed by Walter Closet


With thanks to Builders Depot, Tile Depot, my brother in law Jonny, Sky Broadband, and of course Justin the builder


One thought on “Toilets around the world pt58- My toilet, somewhere in London

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  1. I like the phrase “dropping the kids at the pool”.

    Very descriptive…placing the reader right at the spot of the drop. The only thing you left out is the smell and colour 😦

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