Toilets around the world Holy Land Special Edition pt 10 – The Western Wall, Jerusalem

Following in the footsteps of King David, Jesus and Madonna, I find myself in the holy city of Jerusalem. No doubt all got caught short at some point, so in my own way I am weeing in the urinal of history.
Israel is a small country, so small that the word Israel does not fit inside Israel on most maps. Despite this, I find myself in the largest public toilet I have ever seen. There are at least 50 thrones here and 3 large banks of urinals. I actually managed to get lost in here trying to find my way out.
These conveniences are clean, considering their size, this must rank alongside Israel’s other great achievements such as the USB flash drive and the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest. They also smell of the same bleach used in every synagogue toilet in the world. This is no coincidence, Deuteronomy Chapter 8 goes over this in detail.
‘And the Lord said unto Moses, go tell the children of Israel to buy Sainsburys floor cleaner to cleanse the conveniences in their houses of worship, the original stuff is fine, the lemon one smells a bit sickly.’
As cleanliness is next to godliness, soap is plentiful and hand drying facilities are decent. A pleasant way to spend a shekel

As reviewed by

Shay Rootayim


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