Toilets around the world pt 54 – Marseilles Airport, France

Like many a man of a certain age, my bowels do not wake up until a certain time of day, even if I have been up for a while to catch a flight. For this reason, I find myself in Marseille international airport, past customs and in desperate need of releasing the hostages (as not taken by Marko from Trapoia).
The trip to the convenience does not start well, the mens room is being cleaned and I am advised to use the ladies conveniences. This fills me with dread, what if an actual lady is sitting on her lady throne next to me and I do something very unladylike next to her. What if my mother in law who is waiting downstairs uses this throne after I have boulliabaissed it. Eventually, I follow another man in to the toilets which despite frequent visits to Hampstead Heath is a first for me. To my horror, I discover that this toilet has no seat. Normally when a toilet has no seat, it is to people snorting drugs off it. One can only assume that the Marseilles drug refineries don’t want the smugglers snorting the merchandise before it hits the market and have bribed the powers to be to make this happen. Grateful that I have done some leg work in the gym, but stayed away from the humous, I squat over the bowl and get this out the was as quickly as possible. Quite possibly the worst toilet in the EU. 
As reviewed by Pepe Le Poo


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