Toilets around the (motoring) world pt2 – A Nissan dealer near the M25

Thanks to a visit to another Japanese car manufacturers showroom, I arrived desperate to (searches for a car related analogy for having a wee) drain the sump. What greeted me in this convenice was the frightening sight of a large pubic hair on the toilet seat. Worse still, there was no toilet paper left to wipe it away so your reviewer was forced to use one of his own tissues to wipe it away. 
The sink was clean and the cheap feeling soap effective, but this is probably the worst toilet yet encountered in Western Europe.
If toilets sold cars, Nissan would be in trouble. Thankfully for Nissan they don’t. If you can not be bothered to read some half baked motoring review, all you need to know is that then Qashqai is a nice car.
As reviewed by James May I go to the toilet 


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