Toilets around the (motoring) world pt1 – Ford Dealership in North West London

A vast empty showroom, seemingly devoid of staff, including the one who was supposed to be meeting your reviewer for a test drive! In the good old days of the Sierra Cosworth, Fords were easier to steal than candy from a baby. While the Mondeo does look nice and there is nobody about but we are not here to review cars.
The mens room is behind a Ford Mustang and appears well lit and clean. There are two urinals, but one is covered in a sign saying ‘please note this urinal is not in use’. It is on reflection nice to know that Ford have manners. The urinal in use has a bevel down the middle that reminds one of the BMW front grille. Subconsciously it gets one thinking of Ford in the same way as one thinks of BMW, certainly this is a high quality object.
As reviewed by Nedawee Clarkson


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