Toilets around the world pt50 – Costa Coffee, Watford

Eagle eyed viewers will have spotted that the only times Toilets around the World have ventured north of London has been on a plane or a train. Some might this makes us snobby and elitist, but this is not true. Your reviewer once met a lady from Blackpool who was quite pleasant and generally we find brass band music inoffensive. To prove that Toilets around the World are not just a bunch of limp-wristed Southern softies, your reviewer swapped his Oyster Card for a Virgin Trains ticket and went in search of the conveniences of Northern England.

Until your reviewer went to Watford, he had always assumed that to work at Costa Coffee, you had to be a member of the Costa family from Spain or at least a friend of theirs from Spain. Imagine the surprise when your reviewer was greeted by an Englishman who did not understand what ‘un café solo pour favor’ meant. Single ‘expresso’ drunk, your reviewer headed to the toilets which were actually indoors despite what he had been told about conveniences in this part of the world. The unisex toilet was on brand and had a good sturdy lock. However, the floor was covered in urine. As your reviewer does not enjoy splashing about in urine (unlike politicians such as *name witheld on the advice of our lawyers*), he went to the unisex toilet next door. Sadly the floor of this toilet was also covered in urine. Now bursting for a no1, your reviewer was forced to get on the next train back to London to relieve himself before indulging in an overpriced pint of flat beer, listening to Chas & Dave and other things that fey Londoners do.

As reviewed by Loo Reed


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