Toilets around the world pt49 – A visit to the gym – Colindale, London

Before a workout, your reviewer was caught short and went to spend a penny in the little boys room (not that any of the boys that frequent this gym to stand in front of a mirror lifting the equivalent weight of a Mercedes C Class could be called little).

The first thing that hit your brave reviewer was the smell, then the dampness, it was not possible to tell if the liquid on the floor was a sports drink, sweat or something worse. Around one of the sinks was a mystery brown substance. One has to assume one of the men using this convenience dropped a tub of drinking chocolate he was carrying, other things do not bare thinking about. The soap was poor and the hand dryers those nasty not quite Dyson models.

When driving home, your reviewer began to empathize with the kid who had issues with taking a shower after school sports and realized that he had become that kid.

As reviewed by

Gym Meriddle


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