Toilets around the world goes west – pt6, Hilton Manhattan East, New York 

A reassuringly familiar Hilton style toilet, clean if small. The only difference between a Hilton bathroom here and in the old world is the toilet bowl it’s self. European toilets are relatively high and have a small ammount of water in the bottom. US toilets are lower, wider and for a European have a disconcerting amount of water in the bowl. At first, the European traveller is worried about splashback, however I can report this concern is unfounded. While the shallow bowl does nearly eliminate the risk of pebble dashing when voting for a president, one can’t help feeling that one is a little too close to ones bangers and mash.

Overall, the great American Toilet is not an unpleasant experience, different flushes for different tushes sums it up.

As reviewed by James W Riddle Junior


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