Toilets around the world pt44 – Tesco Superstore Brent Cross, London

One smells this toilet well before one has even opened the door, there is a strong (but not overpowering) smell of bleach from the companies value range that permeates even the corridor leading to the toilet. A quick inspection of the facilities shows a well lit and clean facility which scores points for being decked out in Tesco colours and being ‘on brand’. While syphoning the python in the urinal, your reviewer cannot help but notice a mysterious brown stain under the urinal next to his. Is this rust or something more sinister.

While washing his hands with functional rather than luxurious soap, your reviewer also notices a condom machine in this toilet? Why would one buy condoms from a supermarket toilet when one can buy such items in aisle no17 next to the paracetamol? Moreover, why would one have a sudden need for contraception in a supermarket toilet? Still puzzled, your reviewer dries his hands and leaves.

As reviewed by

Uri Noir
(Dutch correspondant)


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