Toilets aroud the world pt41 – Facebook Facebook SME Bootcamp, The City of London, London

FB SME ToiletsThis review very nearly did not take place. At Toilets around the world, we strongly believe that if you have nothing to say, don’t say it and frankly it is in nobodies interest to read a review of a very ordinary toilet at a nicer than average venue in London. It was only on the way in to the toilet that even thinking of a review made sense, see photo.

In a split second, it became clear what Facebook and indeed social media are about. Social Media is about vanity, pure and simple. Anything that Mark Zuckerberg (Zuckers), Martha Lane Fox (Laners Foxers) or Jack Dorsey (Dorsers) will tell you, about connectivity, personalisation or such like is just guff. Social Media is all look at me and the expensive beach holiday, girlfriend, car I have, don’t get me started on that ‘It’s been a great year’ toss that was inflicted on us at the end of 2014. Nowhere is proof that social media is all about vanity more true than the fact that Facebook stick their own signs on the toilet door.

As reviewed by Mark Zuckerbog


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