Toilets around the world pt32 – The little boys room in our office

A small if presentable mens toilet. Despite the fact there are no urinals, the presence of two lavatories means that these toilets are suitable for all occasions. The owners of these toilets have thoughtfully provided some hair spray, Nivea deodorant and L’Oreal hair spray for users of the bathroom, this is a nice touch. Even better, they have also provided the user with the same brand of facial wipes this reviewer uses to clean his bicycle. As tempting as it would be to steal these wipes, several citizens of this part of the world have noted that sharply worded emails get sent round when low value objects such as sugar and hair gel disappear from communal areas.
The only fault gripe we have with this toilet is that one of the cubicles does not have any lighting. Unless one has had a Berocca, it is difficult to aim properly. Perhaps the fine ladies of the third floor should remedy this.
As reviewed by
Jimmy Riddle

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