Toilets around the word pt29 – Tayyabs, East London.

Sharp-eyed fans of this site will have noted that nearly every review that has been posted on this site, has been from a licensed premises. In a break from the norm therefore, your reviewer is posting a review from the unlicensed toilets of Tayyabs in Whitechapel a place where both Jack the Ripper and the Kray Twins were weaned and are revered today. If your reviewer had the time, they could ponder exactly why Tayyabs does not have a license while sitting on one of their unlicensed conveniences. However, as this reviewer is in pleasant company this comfort break must be brief. For now, we must conclude that the reason this toilet is unlicensed is because the East End of London is f***king horrible, despite what all those hipsters tell you.

The facility it’s self is bathed in a pleasant lilac tinged lighting, while small it is reasonably clean, though I note that the facilities in many restaurants that serve alcohol are cleaner. The taps are of a sensible design and soap provision fair. This toilet despite the lack of lubrication was a not horrible experience, far less horrible than walking down Whitechapel High Street after sunset.

As reviewed by Forrest Grunt


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