Toilets around the world pt24 – Park Plaza Hotel, Utrecht, Netherlands

To prepare for this review, your trusty reviewer went to WH Smiths and brought a copy of the Daily Telegraph. There is no reason for anyone to buy the Daily Telegraph ever, except for the fact that it comes with a free bottle of Buxton Spring at selected WH Smiths and makes buying a drink cheaper. A few hours later, the Buxton is drunk, the Daiy Telegraph has been binned unread and your reviewer is in Utrecht with a rather full bladder.

The toilet is a low bowl in a wide room. The lighting is just right and as you enter soft music plays. I have a choice of a small flush or a big flush which is nice. The soap and the other toiletries are good quality ones made by Elemis.

This was a pleasant experience that thanks to the large bottle of water and a large Grolsch (when in Rome) I enjoyed again and again and again and again etc….


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